Why you do need an event coordinator at your wedding.

During an initial consultation, I always ask my couples if they have an event coordinator. Most say no. I then give them my spiel about why they DO need one. Some listen, some don't. Recently at SmithHouse, we have changed our policy and now REQUIRE our couples to hire day of coordinators...here's why.

1) THE COUPLE IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THEIR WEDDING DAY. This is different from someone hosting a baby shower or birthday party. The host of these events greet their guests, take the gifts and direct them to the food. Not so much when your getting married. You are unavailable. It's not okay for the caterer to bang on the bridal suite door while you slipping into your wedding dress to ask if you want the napkins on the left side or the right side of the table. A day of coordinator is the go to point person for everything wedding. They are the ones that will direct your guests to the backyard for the ceremony and make sure the vendors are where they are suppose to be without bothering you.

2) NO, YOUR SECOND COUSIN ON YOUR MOTHERS SIDE CANNOT SERVE AS YOUR COORDINATOR. I get this a lot. Before you ask a "not so important" guest to work your whole wedding, think about what you are asking of them. You are essentially asking them to run around like a chicken with their head cut off, for no pay, to not enjoy your wedding.

3) "WE REALLY DON'T NEED A TIMELINE...WE ARE JUST GOING TO GO WITH THE FLOW".....ummm no. It does not matter if you have 20 guests or 200, you need a timeline. You also need someone to keep that timeline on track. Furthermore, you need someone to develop that timeline. The time line is developed weeks or months before your date. This requires lots of communication with vendors. You can have as much as an easy going wedding as you like, but when the food gets cold because it sat out too long, or most of the guests have left before the best man makes his speech, you will wish you had someone to help keep you on track.

4) NOT HAVING A DAY OF COORDINATOR MAKES YOUR OTHER VENDORS LOOK BAD. Believe it or not, most wedding vendors from caters to florist to d.j. s are in the wedding business because it is their passion. They truly love helping couples celebrate their love. It's sad when a couple has worked with a caterer for several months, they develop a relationship, the couple loves the food, only to find out that someone left a not so nice review on their facebook page because the food sat out too long, or the photographer did not get the shot you wanted because the sun set before you had your hair done. This goes for the wedding venue too...which is why we now require a day of coordinator at SmithHouse.

5) YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY IF YOU DO NOT HIRE A DAY OF COORDINATOR. Wait what?? How can that be? In order for you to get the best out of the vendors, they need a little help. If you paid an arm and a leg for the photographer, does it not make sense for her to be able to do he or she to do their best work? I have heard of photographers missing sunset shots or family shots because the bride was no where to be found. I had one photographer friend that had toss out several photos of the bride because she was sweating from just coming out of the kitchen to help put out more food. I have heard of couples throwing away tons of food after the wedding because it sat out too long and no one was there to box it up for them. I had one couple pay a extra for lighting on the tent because they were not aware that the D.J they hired already provided that service for them. Hiring a day of coordinator helps you get the best bang for your buck from other vendors.

Wedding Coordinators will rock your day! I have heard several brides tell me that not hiring one was their number one regret, however, I have never heard a bride tell me that they regretted hiring one. Skimping on a coordinator is like skimping on your wedding day.

If you are looking for a day of coordinator for your wedding, please send me a message and I will be happy to provide you with a list of my favs!

as always...celebrate perfectly!