Mothers In Business Networking Group (and why I started it!)

I am very excited to be finally starting this group. After 9+ years of owning my own business, I finally now have the ability to host and run this group. Now, why there is no shortage of networking groups for women in business and no shortage for mothers groups, there is a huge void for women who are both mothers and business owners to have the opportunity to network.

I worked from home running my little biz for 8 years all while being a mommy to 3 little kiddos. It wasn't until ALL of my kids finally started school was I able to start really networking and enjoying all the benefits of a business group. In the past, all the groups I wanted to attend were either in the morning, lunch or in the evening. Networking is an important part of business ownership. I decided to start a group that could meet during those very important "preschool" hours. Depending on how the Thursday group goes, I hope to add a Wednesday monthly meeting as well to include those MWF moms (I haven't forgotten you!).

We are a special business owning moms. Although we wouldn't have it any other way, our days don't stop. The never ending trying to blend our personal and work like and then also trying to separate it takes some skill. We can learn from each other. Not only how to run our business better, but to be better moms as well.

To be a part of this group, you do need to meet a certain criteria. 1) You must own your own business or run it with your spouse. Direct sale/social sale business are welcome. 2) You need to be a mom or expected mom with children under the age of 18. It does not matter if they stay at home with you, are in daycare or full day school. 3) There are no children allowed. I want this group to be able to focus on your business and motherhood in a neutral space. We can make exceptions for nursing moms (of course)!

To register, please email me at or send me a message in the contact us form.

I am very excited for this group. Please contact me with any questions!

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